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The Halo team is ready for the toughest clogs and to remove unwanted foreign objects. Lines get clogged after years of use, scaling, and other debris that clings to the inside of your pipes. 

After jetting is complete, we use the best cameras in the industry to inspect the pipes for corrosion and any damages. If additional issues are found, our crew will replace pipes as needed. We even share the video with our customers, showing the inside of their sewer pipes and any related issues.

Hydro jetting is the ultimate drain cleaning solution in the plumbing industry. With its powerful technology, it uses high-pressure water to blast away tough clogs and dirty drains in your home. Therefore, you can say goodbye to conventional snaking methods.  Hydro jetting is superior and guarantees the best possible results.

Do you struggle with clogged pipes caused by hair, soap residue, oil buildup, mineral deposits, or other debris? Hydro jetting effectively removes all of these.  As a result, ensuring your pipes stay clean and clear. Experience the difference and enjoy hassle-free plumbing!

The Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is an effective method for tackling tough clogs. Picture this: when faced with thousands of pounds of water pressure, clogs don’t stand a chance! Moreover, hydro jetting works by swiftly clearing out those pesky blockages.  However, it also ensures that homeowners can restore their sewer systems in no time at all.

Here’s the cherry on top: hydro jetting is an environmentally friendly too!  By using plain water without any harsh chemicals, it eliminates the risk of introducing hazard substances into the soil in the unlikely event of leaks. Plus, homeowners can rest easy knowing that hydro jetting is a safe procedure.  Therefore, providing safety for employees, customers, and neighbors alike.

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