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When it comes to water usage, the bathrooms in your house take the lead. In fact, did you know that the toilet alone can consume up to 27% of the water used in your home annually? With such a reliance on your bathroom plumbing, it’s crucial to ensure its optimal performance and prevent any potential disasters or water wastage.

We understand the temptation to DIY a leaky sink or tinker with a malfunctioning toilet.  However, if you want the job done correctly and efficiently, it’s essential to leave it in the hands of professionals. This is especially true when it comes to fixture installation, such as a new bathtub, sink, shower, or toilet. Trust our expertise for all your Houston bathroom plumbing needs.

Full Range Bathroom Plumbing Services in Houston

Discover the comprehensive bathroom plumbing solutions by Halo Plumbing for homeowners in Houston, TX. Benefit from a wide array of exceptional services designed to meet all your plumbing needs:

Bathtub Installation

Drain Services

Faucet Installation

Shower Repair & Installation

Sink Installation

Toilet Repair & Installation

Residential & Commercial Bathroom Plumbing Emergencies

When faced with a bathroom plumbing emergency in Houston, you need a dependable and efficient plumber to solve the problem. Look no further than Halo Plumbing Services. Our team of well-trained professionals has extensive experience in handling all types of residential and commercial bathroom plumbing issues. Choose us for prompt and thorough service you can rely on.

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Halo services encompass almost all things plumbing. The organization has experienced technicians and leadership to handle the toughest residential or commercial projects.

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